Helix Oil Services is committed to providing a quality service with fully certified equipment, experienced personnel and an individualised customer service specific to your needs.

Helix Oilfield Services is an independent equipment rental specialist offering complete solutions to the oil and gas industry globally. Thanks to the availability to an extensive range of tubulars, subsea and pressure control equipment, Helix is uniquely placed to provide fast, bespoke customer solutions tailored to meet from the most demanding High Pressure / High Temperature well control challenges, to end of life plug and abandonment well needs.

Building on our commitment to ensure all our equipment is inspected and maintained to the highest level of certification, Helix offers in-house well control engineering, risk prevention evaluations, well control equipment audits and operational support- which have proven to reduce and prevent risks to clients in the planning and operational phases.

Testament to our commitment to flexibility, performance and expertise in well control engineering, our flagship service - Hydril 11” 20,000psi HP/HT BOP system - is setting the performance standard for ultra-HP/HT drilling, well testing, completion and intervention operations both on- and offshore.

We work to the highest standards, always training our team, updating our stock and our technology to keep our clients highly satisfied.

High Pressure / High Temperature


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